There seems to be a belief within the lingerie community (at least when I worked in it) that a woman’s bra should match her panties. But as a broke college student addicted to lingerie, it seems unreasonable to splurge on matching sets every time I buy underwear. Plus, given the cosmic law that all underwear eventually turns into period underwear, I hate spending more than $10 on any pair of panties. Consequently, I’m a huge believer in mixing and matching underwear, and Aerie’s stock of undies in every color makes it easy. (I even found a pair to match my merlot-hued Lonely Hearts bra).

I pined after the above Mimi Holliday bra for several months, and when the Outnet stocked it on sale in my size, I bought it immediately. It looks cute with just about every single brightly-colored pair of undies that I own.