The Secret to Perfect Eyeliner

One would think that after nearly ten years of wearing wing-tip eyeliner I’d be better at applying it, but embarrassingly, I’m a complete makeup rookie, and I’m still learning new things all the time.

After exasperated complaints of smudged and creased eyeliner, my wonderful friends recommended this NARS eyeshadow primer. It keeps my liner in place through my 4-mile bike commute and 8-hour workday. In fact, I’ve even managed to nap in my makeup without it smudging! (I know you’re not supposed to sleep in makeup, but I’m admittedly a habitual transgressor of this beauty sin). It’s a complete miracle-worker and I can’t believe I’ve been functioning for this long without it. If you ask for any makeup for Christmas, include this in your list!

My eyeliner essentials

L’Oreal Telescopic liquid liner in “carbon black.”

Before putting on my mascara and liner, I apply this with my fingers to my eyelid, crease, and the bottom of my brow bone. If you don’t have eye primer, pressed face powder also works well!