A few lingerie tips

Undies from “Winnie” range by Agent Provocateur

I always get a lot of questions (text, pictures, etc) about lingerie; in Denton, I feel like I’ve kind of become the local resident lingerie specialist. I often get a lot of the same questions, so I wanted to compile some of the advice that I frequently give in one place. (And perhaps if I get more questions, I’ll do a follow-up to this post.) As always, it’s very difficult to diagnose some lingerie problems or give 100% always-accurate advice over the internet, so please take or leave this advice as you see fit.

Hydrogen Peroxide removes blood stains.

During my period, I usually only wear black panties (in true medieval doctor fashion); after all, it’s a cosmic law of the universe that every pair of underwear eventually becomes period underwear.

However, in the event that your brightly or lightly colored panties do fall victim to this terrible fate, you can remove the blood stains with hydrogen peroxide. Just pour the hydrogen peroxide on the stain as quickly as possible, and watch it fizz away the blood. You may have to do some light scrubbing (if you use any water, it must be COLD) and depending on your stain, it may require a few applications, but it should significantly reduce the stain. I use a 3% solution (you can check the ingredient label for this) because anything above 10% might bleach your clothes. I also recommend testing this on a patch of the garment that isn’t readily visible before pouring a lot on it just to make sure you don’t bleach it out.

This only works BEFORE you’ve washed your underwear. Hot water will seal the stain, so make sure to get them as clean as possible before washing.

Aerie has the matching panties that you’re looking for.

I know I’ve posted about this before, but Aerie carries lovely undies in every shade. If they don’t have the shade you’re looking for now now, they will have it eventually. This takes a lot of pressure off of spending tons of money on matching sets. Not that we don’t like to all splurge once in a while – but if your budget is tight, I highly recommend checking out their selection of vintage lace.

Don’t just shop for sizes, shop for shapes.

Boobs come in a huge range of sizes, but they also come in VERY different shapes. Some are fuller at the bottom (sometimes called “shallow” or “tear-shaped”) whereas some are fuller at the top; some are more wide-set than others, and some women have naturally perky cleavage. All boobs look different. Do yourself a favor: don’t google this because you’ll find a ton of degrading descriptions and charts of breasts from plastic surgeons trying to capitalize on your insecurities. Just know that there is no such thing as “weirdly-shaped breasts.”

Since breasts come in a variety of shapes, it logically follows that some bra shapes will offer you better support than others. Trying on various fits of bras can help you discover what you like best. As a shallow cup, I personally prefer 1/2 or 1/4 cup bras, balconet bras, or triangle bras – but of course that’s just my personal preference. Experiment with molding, no molding, padding, no padding, t-shirt, full coverage, and various other bra silhouettes – you may find that you have a preference, too.


Store your lingerie in an over-the-door shoe organizer.

True, it’s not the most elegant way to store lingerie, but it’s a great way to save space and to make your undies easily accessible (I personally hate digging through drawers). It also keeps your bras from stretching on hangers or getting flattened/squished in a drawer. If you have full-cup bras, they may not fit comfortably into the pockets, in which case this solution may only work for your panties, garters, and hosiery. Don’t try to force your bras to fit in, or you may damage the shape of them.

Mine is mesh because I like to be able to see everything in each pocket, but any will work. I got mine from the Container Store several years ago, but I don’t see the same shoe organizer on their website. I like this one on Amazon.

And yes, mine (pictured right) is vaguely color-coded. I’m very detail-oriented!

Lastly, some of my favorite lingerie blogs to follow are The Lingerie Addict and The Lingerie Lesbian. Both of their blogs constantly feature great articles on bra fit, bra styles, lingerie designers (both big & independent), and even social topics surrounding lingerie. It also helps that they are both just all-around wonderful ladies.