Illusion by Chantal Thomass

When I visited Paris last summer, I didn’t bring very much spending money at all; in fact, one of the only things I budgeted for was lingerie. One poll found that in France, 87% of men and women considered lingerie to be an “important part of life.” And in fact, it was my French roommate who first opened my eyes to the world of lingerie, which before I’d only considered to be Victoria’s Secret. So of course, lingerie shopping in Paris was something of a pilgrimage for me, and it exceeded every bit of my expectations.

My favorite boutique was Chantal Thomass, a legendary French lingerie-as-fashion house that has been at the top of my wishlist for years. I first fell in love with the brand through the ad campaigns shot by Ellen von Unwerth. Unfortunately, the brand is somewhat difficult to find, although it is becoming increasingly available in the States and on the web.

One of the sets I purchased was the “Illusion” set. With pleated floral tulle and Chantilly lace bow accents, the detailing is so decadent, and the construction is equally superb.

I did get one other set from the store, which I’ll share later. I can’t wait to visit Paris again; this will certainly be one of my first stops when I return!

Where to buy Chantal Thomass: