After ten-plus of blogging separately, we are re-launching  Superstitions as a collaborative effort. Although we’re a thousand miles apart, we share a similar vision to create a blog that isn’t just OOTD’s, but reflects on our similar–and sometimes very different–passions. As basically life-long bloggers, we’ve watched the landscape change dramatically, for better and for worse, and we’re hoping to retain the things about it that attracted us in the first place: intimacy, honesty, and dialogue.

The latter explains why this is a joint project. We have spent our twenties feeling out ways to pursue the things we love: from travel, to literature, to fashion, to art. Since we’ve experienced this journey together, it made sense to write about it together. We’ll still make posts individually, but they’ll very much be part of the same concept–we already edit each other’s writing (yep, even our blog posts), help each other take pictures, and bounce ideas off each other. And we are planning to do a few posts together in an experimental dialogue format about the things that we both love. The concept behind the focus on dialogue is not only to engage each other, but to bring you into the conversation, because we value the relationship between writer and reader.

Thus, Superstitions will be re-booted on June 21st: the summer solstice, the gemini/cancer cusp, our birthday.

– Laure & Catherine


This post has been edited. The original post is below.

For those of you who have been following me since See Creatures – and those of you who have been following me longer still! – I wanted to explain why I’m returning from a year-long hiatus with a new blog and name.

In short, See Creatures was too whimsical and frilly, not just in name, but in content as well. There was a heavy emphasis on fashion, hair, and beauty – none of which are my passions, even remotely. Although I wanted to offer inspiration and advice on these things, most of all because I got requests about them, I found I had very little to say. Writing about an outfit I wore was incredibly tedious for me, not to mention boring.

Furthermore, the outfit-plus-affiliate-links format was tiring; it didn’t leave room for any type of discussion between me and readers. Since I started building anime websites in middle school, the internet has always been a community for me to meet people; I’d even go so far as to say that I’ve made lifelong friends, and that they live all over the world is even cooler. I felt like running a fashion-oriented blog was stifling this interaction; I felt like I was talking to a wall (or perhaps more accurately, a mirror).

There was also the problem of looking like someone who spent too much money on clothes and cared too much about my appearance. Although I’ve been very transparent about budgeting, saving, and only spending on things I really want, I still get comments about being a “big shopper” and a “fashionista.” What’s more disturbing is when they come from people that I know offline, especially because I would never describe myself as either of those things.

So Superstitions will be a more accurate reflection of my passions, focusing on lingerie, travel, writing, and even anime (or more broadly, art). It will emphasize writing and discussion, with less head-to-toe daily outfit shots. I’ve been trying to consider why people still visit blogs when most blogs have diffused their content almost completely over social media (Garance Doré talked about this very recently, and I think she’s completely correct). I’m still not sure what draws people to blogs necessarily, but I feel like the format of blogging is uniquely suitable for more in-depth personal writing, which is what I’d like to explore here.