Jumpsuits Forever

I love jumpsuits because they are the pants-version of a dress. As someone who thrives on easy dressing, I appreciate the economy of an all-in-one outfit. But anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I never wear skirts–not out of principle, but because I have a penchant for trousers. So, in my world, the jumpsuit is the sliced bread of fashion. That’s why I’m thrilled that, over the past few years, the garment has re-emerged as a wardrobe staple–so much so that some sites even have a section dedicated to them. (My dry cleaner, however, still looks at mine quizzically before deciding to ring them up as “dresses.” They’re the only green cleaner in town, though, so I’ll give them a break!)


I’ve basically lived in my Oliver jumpsuit by the Reformation  for over a year now. I’m all about things you can wear over and over again, because it helps cultivate a sense of individual style while being mindful of sustainability. Of course, it helps that the Reformation uses conscious production methods, from the selection of dead-stock fabric to fair labor practices.

When Kenzo dedicated their Resort ’16 collection to the intrepid woman, it made sense to me that they offered an array of jumpsuits. I’ve worn this piece to weddings, class, and desert treks in the Atlas Mountains. It’s become my personal uniform because it’s perfect for wandering around in the summer. For instance, this weekend, I donned it to exploring the alleys and various passages of the West End Historic District in downtown Winston-Salem, my current home. I wear my clothing hard (and lovingly), so I’m hoping it’ll last another several adventures.