From lingerie to anime, Superstitions examines how art in many forms affects personal style and philosophy. It’s about storytelling for the disenchanted twenty-something woman. With a nostalgia for Livejournal and internet forums, Superstitions hopes to reinstate long-form writing, discourse, and a touch of the personal back into blogging.

Hello, it me.

About Catherine

Catherine is an anime and lingerie enthusiast with chemical dependencies on espresso and puppy cuddles. She lives outside of Dallas, TX with her pet gremlin, Bunny, where she codes websites for a living.

In 2001, she began blogging about anime – a true weaboo preteen – and launched several anime websites, which she maintained for about ten years. Once in college, she transitioned into blogging about fashion, and maintained a successful blog, See Creatures, for several years. During this time she collaborated with brands such as Free People, Dahlia, and French Connection UK.