Superstitions is all about storytelling, which is why we love books. The Superstitions Booklist is a reference list of books we think are strong in both style and substance.

Superstitions Booklist

The Castle

Franz Kafka

The Castle contains all of the mainstays of a quintessential Kafka novel: a labyrinthine narrative, absurd hijinks, and an indictment of bureaucracy.

by Catherine

On Beauty

Zadie Smith

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by Catherine

The Garden of Eden

Ernest Hemmingway

If you live for toxic and bougie romance like The Great Gatsby, this one is for you. Disclaimer: may want to make you vacation on the Côte d’Azur.

by Catherine

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Haruki Murakami

Although a departure from his typically surreal and magical style, Murakami’s running memoir still has the same reflection and poignancy as any of his novels.

by Catherine


Virginia Woolf

With the situational comedy and imagination of Shakespeare, Woolf explores gender, power, and sex through Orlando, a young Elizabethan boy who transforms into a woman and travels through centuries.

by Catherine

Chloé: Attitudes

Sarah Mower

Vogue’s chief fashion critic illustrates how Gaby Aghion shaped the Chloé brand and philosophy as the first prêt-à-porter house, and how the house’s legacy transformed under each of its creative directors.

by Catherine

Stories of your life and others

Ted Chiang

This collection of speculative fiction short stories explores what happens when the limits of human knowledge are broken. Junot Díaz counts himself a fan.

by Catherine

Just Kids

Patti Smith

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by Catherine